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Hearts & Arrows

Only one diamond per million can be called a true Hearts and Arrows Diamond. Hearts & Arrows Diamonds are at the pinnacle of diamond cutting technology.

From the finest of all rough diamonds and in the hands of Master Diamond Cutters, Hearts & Arrows Diamonds are cut to the most impeccable standards. The result is a diamond so spectacular and fiery that it reflects nearly 100% of the available light back towards the viewer.

The Hearts & Arrows name is derived from the optical effect achieved when a diamond is cut to the highest level of perfection. When such an ideal cut diamond is viewed through a Symmetry Viewer, it displays eight perfect hearts and eight perfect arrows.

Hearts & Arrows Diamonds have three distinguishing features – perfection in polish, symmetry and proportion. And of course, each Hearts & Arrows Diamond is guaranteed by certification.

When the diamond you choose must be perfection, Hearts & Arrows is the perfect choice.

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