Our Diamond Promise

A Lifetime Guarantee



Guaranteed by Certification

Diamond certification, backed by a full lifetime guarantee, certifies the authenticity and integrity of your diamond for a lifetime.

At Bartlett Master Jewellers we source diamonds that have been certified by independent and accredited diamond laboratories verifying the diamond’s characteristics to internationally recognised standards.

We recommend diamonds that are graded by the following internationally recognised and independent Laboratories:

GIA – (Gemmological Institute of America)
DCLA – (Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia)
HRD – (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant; Antwerp Diamond High Council)
AGS – (American Gem Society)

These Diamond Grading Laboratories are renowned for their cutting edge technology, the most advanced testing equipment and for having the strictest grading and testing standards.


Blood Diamond

We guarantee that all of our diamonds are conflict free.

Our store has implemented the procedures mandated by the World Diamond Council and United Nations since its introduction to eliminate trade in diamonds by rebel organisations and countries involved with human suffering. Bartlett Master Jewellers guarantees that every necessary step has been taken to ensure that our diamonds are conflict free. You can purchase a diamond with absolute confidence knowing that your diamond complies with both the United Nations resolution and The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. We source only the finest diamonds from around the world and only from known, reputable diamond suppliers.

To learn more about conflict diamonds visit www.kimberleyprocess.com


Natural Process

Our diamonds are guaranteed natural mined diamonds free from all known treatments

Natural diamonds are those that are formed deep under the earth’s crust over millions of years, completely by nature without any human intervention. Both natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds can undergo a variety of artificial processes and treatments. Such processes are used to enhance certain quality characteristics making flaws appear more attractive and marketable, in particular their colour or clarity. Coating, irradiation, high temperature, high pressure, fracture filling and laser drilling are all examples of enhancement. These treatments alter a diamond from its natural state.

At Bartlett Master Jewellers we source diamonds that have been certified by independent and accredited diamond laboratories. This ensures you have a natural, untreated diamond that has been graded accurately.


Bartlett Master Jewellers has been designing and manufacturing fine quality jewellery and outstanding customer service since 1974. In the years to come, we will always be here to stand behind your diamond purchase and our product.