One of the most intimate and important moments in a couple’s life together is their engagement. The Engagement Ring symbolises a traditional display of love that couples have carried out through centuries of romance.

Choosing an Engagement Ring as unique as your love can be a difficult task, at Bartlett Master Jewellers we take pride in producing high quality jewellery to compliment your commitment of love.

The most common gem used in Engagement Rings is the diamond. Cupid’s arrows were said to be tipped with diamonds to produce a magic that nothing else could equal.

Engagement Rings can range in price and quality. Things that help to determine the price include the stone size and the type of setting. A common guideline to consider when purchasing an engagement ring is two months salary – a small price to pay for something that you will cherish forever. But no matter what your budget is, we can help you design a ring that will truly represent your unique love and the promise for the future you will share.