Coloured Gemstones

Throughout all civilisations coloured gemstones have held attraction, sometimes even a certain power. The mystery and romance of coloured gemstones trace back centuries. In primitive times people wore gemstones as charms or amulets to ward off evil. Then later, as life became more sophisticated, they were worn for their rarity and beauty.

When selecting a coloured gemstone the same consideration should be given to cut, colour and clarity as in a diamond. A coloured gemstone should look bright, be lively and also well cut. At Bartlett Master Jewellers we always look for intensity and consistency of colour when hand selecting gemstones.

A stone should be free from banding and patching unless it is characteristic of a particular gemstone (e.g. watermelon tourmaline and parti-coloured sapphires). Clarity is also important, the gemstone should be flawless or contain insignificant flaws. Strong flaws are not only visually unattractive they also jeopardise the strength and stability of the stone.

More than 3,000 minerals are found on Earth, but only a small amount is able to qualify as gemstones. They can be separated by their beauty, durability, rarity and colour. Each of these gemstones has its own individual charm and colour.