Kylie Bartlett

  • Bachelor of Visual Arts
  • Accomplished & Exhibited Artist
  • Jewellery Designer

Kylie’s introduction into the family business began when husband Jay joined Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers, and his father, in 1993.

With a background and formal training in visual arts – creativity and an artist’s eye underpin every facet of Kylie’s life.
Drawing inspiration from nature: a seed pod, a curled leaf, the beautiful symmetry and pattern found in flowers and ocean forms – time is taken to discover the unfolding world.
These elements combined with colour, texture and light influence the design process and aesthetics of each handcrafted piece Kylie has designed in Bartlett Master Jewellers’ collection.

As a reflection of her modern, elegant and timeless style, Kylie’s jewellery designs are classical with a modern edge. Kylie has deep appreciation and respect for objects with vintage appeal compared with modern aesthetics.
Training in the visual arts, majoring in 3D Studio Studies under the guidance of renowned ceramic sculptor and published photographer Martin Willis, Kylie learnt the importance of form and design integrity. Showcasing and developing mixed media including clay, metal and wood.

The young creative’s in her life and children Lily and Harper provide constant inspiration and determination to live slowly and creatively. Often the most treasured moments are spent in family draw time… moments captured in graphite, charcoal and ink resulting in new forms born out of everyday materials – all of which turn up as collection sketches for Jay and Kim to handcraft and bring to life.