Custom Design

Established Jewellers live off their good reputation, professional service and honest advice. At Bartlett Master Jewellers we take this very seriously when it comes to designing that special piece of jewellery.

Our belief is that we are all individual, and your jewellery should reflect that. We offer a service that allows you to choose your Diamond or Gemstone first, and then with our help, create a wonderful piece of jewellery, just for you.

Most jewellery stores hand sketch individual designs for their customers. Unfortunately, this process only gives you a glimpse of what the finished piece might look like. At Bartlett Master Jewellers we take a more accurate approach to creating custom jewellery designs. Our state of the art system allows you to see every detail of your design from all angles with life-like metals and gemstones. Details can be seen on-screen and in scale.

Your new design will have all the accuracy and quality of a masterpiece. And you can see it all before it’s even made.